IN TODAY'S EVOLVING MARKETPLACE, arbitrarily marking up pre-owned vehicles thousands of dollars over cost is not a successful pricing strategy.

PRE-OWNED LIVE MARKET PRICING means we assign a highly competitive price to every vehicle based on current market data. We achieve this by analyzing real-time information from millions of online listings on an extensive list of websites, including and KBB. com.

FOR A COMPLIMENTARY "LIVE MARKET VIEW" on any pre-owned vehicle in stock, just ask your sales consultant. We may not always have the very lowest price in the market, but we would be happy to show you who does. We can also show you how the quality of our pre-owned vehicles (All vehicles not offered "As-Is" are subjected to rigorous inspection and mechanical reconditioning) combined with our aggressive pricing make Dave Gill's pre-owned cars a superior value for your hard-earned money.

We're also guessing that you saw our low prices online and would like to be able to purchase your pre-owned vehicle for the same price you saw, in a relaxed atmosphere without drama or hassle. If so, you've come to the right place.

We don't artificially inflate our pre-owned prices in the hopes of winning a "negotiating" contest with you, our guest. Rest assured that the more than 16 million unique visitors to every month - just to name one website - have already negotiated a great price for you.

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