STAGE 1 - Introductions & Estimates

At the Dave Gill Collision Center, you will find your experts in excellence. Your experience begins with a proper Dave Gill welcome from our certified customer service representatives. They will provide accurate estimates to your insurance company to ensure a smooth transition - with no second-guessing. We listen to your needs to provide you with a precise diagnosis regarding your vehicle. We pre-order parts while working on timing estimates, shuttle service and rental cars for you.

STAGE 2 - Disassemble & Repairs

Our factory-certified technicians begin work on your vehicle based on its needs from disassembling and assessing hidden frame damage to smoothing and fine-tuning. We move forward with a complete restoration of replacement parts. Dave Gill Collision Center undergoes extensive certification that includes annual manufacturer audits, OEM-authorized parts and repair equipment and annual manufacturer training updates. You can rest assured knowing your vehicle's factory warranty remains intact.

STAGE 3 - Prepping & Painting

After the factory-certified technicians assess your vehicle for all major damage, then perform the proper fixes and adjustments with precision, we start prepping the vehicle. This includes moving to a clean room where technicians buff and prime pre-painted areas. Then, we apply our top quality paint and clear coat to exactly match factory colors and textures.

STAGE 4 - Reassembly & Restoration

Your vehicle then goes to our factory-certified body technicians for final assembly, additional mechanical work, interior adjustments and minuscule restoration details. We ensure that everything is restored to pre-incident condition. From door handles to emblems, your vehicle receives first class treatment.

STAGE 5 - Detail & Delivery

Our staff conducts a thorough quality control check during the repair process and also at this final stage. We inspect all repairs and paint work to ensure all work was performed properly. Next, we hand wash and detail the vehicle with the utmost care. The result is a vehicle delivered with the Dave Gill Collision Center showroom shine. Our next step is to contact you to discuss the details of the final delivery of your repaired vehicle at our facility.