Maintenance for High Mileage Vehicles

High Mileage on Your Vehicle? Visit the Dave Gill Chevrolet Service Center in Columbus for Maintenance

Racking up miles on your vehicle? Does your Chevy already have high mileage? The Dave Gill Chevrolet service center can help. Our Chevy service center in Columbus services high-mileage vehicles by giving them the proper care and maintenance treatment they require. Following these recommended maintenance tips for high-mileage vehicles can help unlock Chevy longevity!

Maintenance Tips for High-Mileage Vehicles

Most high-mileage vehicles are considered to be models with more than 100,000 miles racked up on the odometer. Maintenance is even more critical the closer your Chevy creeps to the 200,000-mile mark. Continue driving your Chevy or any other high-mileage vehicle around Columbus for thousands of miles to come by staying on top of these maintenance items.

Stay on Top of Oil Changes & Use High-Mileage Motor Oil

Frequent oil changes are critical and using high-mileage motor oil is equally important. While newer models can use conventional, full synthetic, or synthetic blend oil, Chevy models with higher odometer readings require high-mileage oil. These contain additives, conditioners, and seal enhancers to take care of older engines. High-mileage oil will provide protection and a performance boost. High-mileage oil changes should be scheduled with our Chevy service center in Columbus every three months or 3,000 miles.

Check & Top Off Fluids

Your Chevy can't perform at its best without fluids. Vehicles with higher mileage are more susceptible to wear and tear, which is more severe without fluids to lubricate parts. Be sure to check and top off all fluids. A few important fluids include brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and engine coolant.

Stay on Top of Tire Maintenance

No vehicle rides well on bad tires. Suspension components of higher mileage vehicles with worn-out tires encounter more strain. Avoid a tire imbalance by getting routine tire rotations and pressure checks.

Dave Gill Chevrolet will check your Chevy's tire pressure for better handling on Columbus highways. We'll also perform a tire rotation to promote even tire wear. Both of these tire maintenance services extend tire life for high-mileage vehicles.

Get a Wheel Alignment

Steer clear of unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle's chassis and suspension components with routine wheel alignments. Vehicles with higher mileage are more susceptible to have alignment issues, leading to improper road contact and steering trouble.

Replace Filters Regularly & Inspect Belts + Hoses

Routine filter replacements are critical. Change the oil filter in your high-mileage vehicle in order to properly remove debris and contaminants from the motor oil. Changing the engine air filter regularly will prevent dirt and debris from entering the engine block. In turn, this protects the engine of your high-mileage vehicle, which is more susceptible to breakdowns and mechanical failure.

It's also important for Columbus motorists to check all belts and hoses, which are more susceptible to cracks and splits in high-mileage vehicles.

Keep It Clean

It sounds tedious, but it's important for Columbus drivers to keep their car clean — both inside and out. As the car gets older and racks up more miles, its appearance can worsen. Routine washing and waxing will protect the Chevy's exterior paint job and fend off rust. Vacuuming the car's interior will preserve the cabin's quality.

Stick to the Service Schedule

Sticking to the service schedule in your owner's manual is the best way to keep your high-mileage vehicle running longer. Every high-mileage car is different, whether it's a Chevy or another model. The recommendations in the owner's manual will make sure you don't miss any key maintenance intervals as the miles climb.

Schedule Service Online to Receive High-Mileage Vehicle Maintenance in Columbus

Follow these tips to continue driving your high-mileage vehicle around Columbus. Our Chevy service center in Columbus can handle any of these repairs. Get the high-mileage maintenance your vehicle deserves by scheduling service online with Dave Gill Chevrolet.

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